Recently, I have discovered a new phenomenon called cool sculpting. The idea of cool sculpting is to bring the temperature of the fat cells down so low that they are killed and will naturally exit the body after a couple weeks. The claim of the procedure is that once these fats cells have been brought down to this low temperature, they will not come back to that area again. Of course you would have to continue to exercise and eat a healthy diet to keep those pesky fat cells from returning. This sounds like a crazy invention!

I have actually signed up for a cool sculpting treatment because I am interested in this process and I would like to see the results. It is recommended for this treatment to also not have a large fat deposit in the target area where cool sculpting would occur. Also, more than one treatment is recommend to see the best possible results. This could be a game changing procedure for many people. Cool sculpting is not invasive and does not produce pain. After reading the reviews, I think this is a great procedure to undergo. The only cons are the price and the possibly for the fat cells to come back if you do not keep up a healthy diet and exercise.

Freezing Fat Cells
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