British Nurse defeats Ebola again

A British Nurse by name Pauline Cafferkey has once again defeated the Ebola Disease. She first contracted the disease in December, 2014 while she was working at a Treatment Center in Sierra Leone which was one of the Countries in the World worst affected by the Virus. She was immediately flown to the Royal Free Hospital in London, U.K where she was successfully treated and discharged after making a full recovery in January, 2015.

However in October, it was discovered that the virus had lingered in her brain causing her to have severe meningitis. Pauline Cafferkey was immediately readmitted to the Royal Free Hospital where she was treated with the GS5734 an experimental antiviral drug. On the 11th of November, 2015 the discharge of Cafferkey was announced. She is now in Scotland where she has reunited with her family and friends. Shortly after her discharge and before she returned to Scotland, Cafferkey thanked the Management and Staff of Royal Free Hospital.

Cafferkey is not the first recovered patient who has had the virus lingering in some part of the body only to resurface later. However it is Cafferkey’s relapse that is now causing an overhaul in the assumptions popularly held by Medical Practitioners all over the World about the Virus. A Nottingham University Professor, Jonathan Ball admitted his Surprise at the resurgence of the Virus in Cafferkey’s body.

Following Cafferkey’s crisis, recent research of the Virus has uncovered some shocking information, one of them being that the Ebola Virus could linger in some body fluids like semen for up to seven months and be transmitted to other people even several months after the actual victim of the virus has recovered.