Health Global Risk – Obesity

Medical news today suggests that cases of obesity have risen all over the world despite all efforts to fight it. In line with the celebration of World Diabetes Day on 14th November, health experts called for an increase in healthy eating, and good nutrition with a balanced diet, while avoiding sugar. The agenda was about women who mostly don’t engage in healthy eating and also don’t do physical exercises, thus becoming overweight and may even suffer from diabetes.

But the point isn’t to talk about women, instead to create awareness on how to have a healthy lifestyle. Junk food is affordable and readily available at any store even from the smallest vending seller back at the corner street in your residence. Before you know it, you get a snack or a soft drink with a lot of sugar and the next thing that follows, you have diabetes. A life-threatening condition, affecting over 387 million people in the globe with at least 2.8 million people dying each year as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Hungary has been ranked as the fattest country in Europe; followed by UK in Western Europe, with Glasgow as UK’s most overweight city.

Living a healthy lifestyle lowers the risk of diabetes and most definitely cuts off obesity. How? Moving around, ensuring fitness by engaging in vigorous exercises at least weekly for 3 hours, avoiding sugary foods, and most importantly good nutrition. The number of obese adults is predicted to rise by 73% in 20 years time.

Most people yearn for a balance in their lives. Arguably, women tend to struggle most to find a balance between their home life and work life. A balanced woman is a woman of faith! One who lives by the Bible’s perspectives and teachings, while having a good character – Never defined by beauty!

The heath profession, the media, and the public, need to carry out mass educational health campaigns to teach on ways of improving one’s overall health and to stop ‘eating badly’. I mean, obesity in children has doubled, and quadrupled in adults, thus leading to the dangerous health risks facing the older community like diabetes, or even high-blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Make healthy lifestyle changes and avoid this health crisis. Cut the risks by eating a balanced diet and exercising, to boost your motivation and confidence when standing in front of people. Also, health books & guides can help you take a lead in health care and have a healthy life. Own a manual for the human body!