Improved Diet May Pevent Ovarian Cancer Among African Americans

According to a recent study conducted by Bonnie Qin of the Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Jersey, African-American women can prevent ovarian cancer by maintaining a healthy diet. In this study, 415 African American women with ovarian cancer were examined while 629 African American women without the disease were examined. Both groups of women discussed their dietary habits and the women with cancer talked about what they ate prior to getting the illness. The women who ate the healthiest seemed to be the ones who avoided ovarian cancer Bonnie Qin stated that the study proves that it’s important for African American women to eat right for better health.

Qin also mentioned the foods that make for the healthiest diet for cancer prevention. She stated that African American women should focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish and nuts. She also mentioned that these women should avoid sugary foods and soft drinks as well as alcoholic drinks.