Looking to boost your mood? Try eating some vanilla yogurt. Health experts have revealed that eating vanilla yogurt causes an increase of happiness. Food Research International regularly conducts studies to test human emotional reactions to food. During these health studies, participants are given different foods to taste test. While they eat the foods, health experts employ facial readings, eye tracking, a new technology known as emotive projection testing, and emotional reaction times.

The health tests showed that participants who consumed vanilla yogurts registered positive emotions through emotive projection test, and their emotional readings showed them to be happier after consuming the health vanilla yogurt. The positive mood results have led health experts to connect the subtle scent of vanilla with feelings of contentment. These results are congruent with prior health study evidence that suggested the scent of vanilla, when present in waiting rooms, can reduce feelings of aggression and encourage amicability and friendliness amongst people waiting.

Vanilla Yogurt Increases Happiness

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